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I am the resident “lazy” girl here at Pure Supplements Co. My idea of exercise is timing how fast I can get in and out of the grocery store with a full shopping list. My PR is 14.26. Olympics Committee—eat your heart out. While this may be pathetic to some, and impressive to others, it is my attempt to redefine what exercise can look like. Exercise can easily intimidate and overwhelm anyone. In which case, read my article for exercise motivation. But I hope to redefine the exercise conversation.  

What if we reframe exercise to include all forms of movement? Intense daily exercise is not only for runners, lifters, or trainers. Approachable, enjoyable exercise can take many forms.  

For example, exercises that do not necessarily feel like exercises. These exercises can give you the benefits of working out, without spending hours at the gym.  

To the unmotivated, disillusioned, and busy—I present 5 exercises that do not feel like exercises: 

  1. Dancing

Dancing is known to release endorphins and puts the activity in physical activity. Not only is dancing fun, it can also work up a sweat. Whether you go to a club, dance with a partner, or Cha-Cha Slide alone in your bedroom, dancing is a great workout for added happiness and wellness.  

  1. Swimming

There’s nothing like a good old swim in your community pool. Swimming is fluid and calming, but also more physical than you would think. Swimming requires focus and endurance, to stay afloat you must engage all muscles. You’ll be so relaxed, however, that you will hardly register it as exercise. 

  1. Lawn Games

Who doesn’t love playing games with friends and family? These exercises are meant to get you moving, without the monotony of reps and routine. When exercise is fun, it shouldn’t feel like a chore. 

From croquet to badminton, capture the flag to frisbee, lawn games are really an excuse to hang out with your favorite people. And besides the teasing and taunting, these games are mostly judgment-free (when with the right people). 

  1. Take a Walk

Weather, safety, and distance permitting, walking is a great alternative for casual drives to local destinations.  This activity is noninvasive, calming, and beneficial for your health. 

Taking a walk helps you breathe in fresh air. Appreciate the beauty of the earth and feel great doing it. Walking is perfect for people who need a break and for those starting their exercise journey.  

  1. Multitask

When your focus is elsewhere, exercise is easier and relatively painless. 

Working from home? Multitask with a pedal exerciser. 

Binge watching The Office for the 110th time? Binge while doing sit-ups. 

Exercising on the dreaded treadmill? Listen to a new album, podcast, or audiobook. 

Multitasking is easier said than done, but it can be done. Choose simple exercises that allow you to prioritize first, workout second. This way, you can incorporate exercise into your daily routine. 

You should never have to choose between your busy schedule and exercise. Not when you can do both at the same time. Working out as you perform tasks feels productive and, more importantly, it does not feel like exercise. 


You don’t have to be a body builder to exercise. You don’t have to train for marathons to feel accomplished. Exercise is not a one-size-fits-all solution and can be intimidating. But all you really need to do is move. 

I challenge you to find something that you enjoy, an exercise for you. Exercise does not have to feel like exercise when you find what you love. So, what are you waiting for? Get up, move, and redefine exercise. 

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