Washing Soda

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Pure Ingredients Natural Washing Soda has many uses. Safe on skin, Hypoallergenic, and Non-toxic. Color-Safe, Effective in Hot or Cold Water, and Leaves Clothes Soft, Fresh, and Residue-Free. It's also Septic & High Efficiency (HE) Machine Tested and Approved!

i. Add Extra Cleaning Power to Detergent
ii. Natural Water Softener and Conditioner
iii. Clean Everything from Toilets to Dishes
iv. Balance pH in Pools and Hot Tubs
v. Raise pH in Water
vi. Provide Alkalinity

i. Petroleum derived ingredients
ii. Sodium laurel sulfate
iii. Synthetic Fragrance
iv. Optical brighteners
v. Masking agents
vi. Animal testing
vii. Gluten
viii. Dyes

To make your own laundry soap the combine:
1 cup soap flakes (For extra cleaning power )
½ cup washing soda (To soften & condition the water)
½ cup borax (To brighten colors & whites)

At Pure Ingredients we strive to be a proactive, integral, and responsible member of our environment and community. We try to make all our packaging from natural materials like recycled, virgin or dye-free paper. Our Natural Kraft Paper Bags are an Earth-Conscious alternative that present a lesser burden on the environment than our competitor’s plastic bags.