Potassium Sorbate

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Pure Ingredients Potassium Sorbate is the Ultimate Preserver. Use in Wine-Making, Jerky-Making, Baking, Tomato Sauces and Salsas, Also Great for Cosmetic Making Including Lotions, Make-up, Shampoos, and Sunscreens.

i. Prevent Wine Fermentation Prior to Bottling.
ii. Inhibit Molds and Yeast in Meat and Baked Goods.
iii. Preserve Homemade Jerky.
iv. Preserves Homemade Tomato Sauces and Salsas.
v. Keep Cosmetics Fresh.
vi. Preserve Creams, Lotions, Make-up, Shampoos, and Sunscreens.
vii. And So Much More!!!

Application: For wine making, dissolve completely into wine before bottling to prevent fermentation. For food prep, use according to the directions or recipe of your choice.

Recommended Use: To prevent carbonation in wine, typically recipes call for ½ tsp Potassium Sorbate per gallon of wine. Our Potassium Sorbate is also great with baked goods, cosmetics, and homemade jerky.

Ingredients: 100% Potassium Sorbate